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Multigenerational Family Farm

Latham Farms was established, circa 1809. Principal Farmer, Daniel Terry Latham, has been farming this land his entire life and before him his father, Edward Webb Latham, had done the same. The family farm, has been passed down from generation to generation, and is one of the oldest and largest independently run farms on Long Island. To this day the Latham tradition stays true to it's founding fathers' beliefs and values: hardwork and love of cultivating the land goes into each piece of produce. This enduring quality is tasted in every bite.


Latham Farms is a 117-acre farm overlooking the hamlet of Hallocks Bay (formerly Long Beach Bay). The farm was originally owned by the Mulford Family from 1809-1874. The Latham Family joined the Mulfords in 1874, when Addie Eugenia Mulford married Edward Webb Latham, Sr. Prior Latham generations were proud owners of The Orient Inn located near Orient Point, and present day Cross Sound Ferry. The Lathams spent many generations as Inn owners, beginning with Captain John Fish Latham in 1834. Both Captain John Fish Latham's son Daniel Terry Latham (the 1st) and grandson Edwards Webb Latham, Sr. were born and raised in The Orient Inn. 

Edward Webb Latham

farmer, 1921-2014

Latham Farms, we've been here a long time...

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